Oakland's Super Tech | Honda Service Center in southern CA

With just a handful of Honda Super Techs across the United States, 
 we are very lucky to have Robert Isbell as Oakland's Super Tech!

An Interview with Robert..

How did you come to be a tech?

My dad worked on cars as a hobby. As a kid I always read the hot rod and car craft magazines. It was a natural progression to go to school to learn about automotive stuff and from there I started work at a Chevrolet dealer in 1978.

What is your favorite thing about being a tech?

Truthfully I like it all. I enjoy working on cars from simple oil changes to the more complex diagnostic problems.

How did you get to become a Super Tech?

Honda called me and asked if I was interested. They sent me a test then I got an email congratulating me.

What exactly is a super tech?

A Super Tech is a technician in the field that is Honda's eyes and ears. They are very proactive when it comes to issues on new Honda's. They picked 20 Techs from around the United States (Acura and Honda) to keep them informed and up to date on the stuff we see in the service drive. If for some reason they have a vehicle that can't be fixed at another dealer, the Super Tech would be the next person to bring it to for repair. For Honda it's all about maintaining the quality.

 How does this benefit the customers coming to our service bays?

How it benefits our customers is with my level of knowledge and the knowledge that the other Super Techs have, it insures the customer will get their vehicle fixed right the first time. It saves the customer time and money when issues are diagnosed correctly and fixed right the first time. No comebacks, no extra expense for further diagnosis. 

See Robert in the video below and learn more about Honda's commitment to the customer