Having a flat tire on the road can be very aggravating and stressful, and not having the right kind of spare time can really add to the problem. Most new vehicles today come with compact temporary spare tires, which are quite different from full-size spare tires. While they may both be referred to as “spare tires”, it’s important that drivers know the difference between the two and the capabilities of each. Every one of us at Honda of Oakland invites you to come to our shop for more information.

Compact temporary spare tires are often referred to as donuts because they’re so small. They require more air pressure and should only be used to drive a few miles to get your bad tire replaced. Full-size spare tires are the same size as the four tires on your car and can be driven for a much longer time.

Our team in Oakland, CA wants you to travel safely down the road and advise you to bring your vehicle to our store for service or for all your tired-related issues.

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