Don't Drive Around on a Failing Fuel Pump

Of the millions of drivers on the road, how many know what every part in a vehicle does? The answer is very few. And "out-of-sight" parts such a fuel pump aren't thought about much. Then, one day, strange problems occur. A faltering fuel pump could be the root of the troubles.

There's an irony to drivers not knowing what a fuel pump does. Without one, gasoline couldn't travel from the tank to the engine. So, the part is vitally important. Poor fuel economy results when a pump doesn't work well. And there are more serious troubles, too.

When the fuel pump falters, an engine may lose power under stress. Carrying cargo in the trunk or going up inclines becomes strangely more difficult. The vehicle also runs the risk of surging. So, a failing fuel pump presents dangers.

Make sure your fuel pump and other parts are up to par. Contact the service department at Honda of Oakland for help.



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