One thing that can be frustrating about taking a lot of people out for a ride in a spacious vehicle is that there are certain things that can happen while you are on the road. These things often happen without your knowledge. The 2020 Honda Odyssey makes sure that you are able to view everything in the back rows.

The 2020 Honda Odyssey has the new CabinWatch feature which gives you a view of the rear passengers. Therefore, you can keep a close eye on them. You can also check in on the rear passengers to see if there is a need for anything.

CabinWatch also comes with CabinTalk which enables you to communicate with the rear passengers. All you need is a connected pair of headphones or some connected speakers so that the rear passengers can hear you while you are on the road. You can explore more with a test drive of the 2020 Honda Odyssey.



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