Dealing with roadside emergencies in low-visibility conditions in Oakland, CA is frustrating and frightening. Drivers in this region should have some reliable lighting accessories to handle unexpected situations on the highway. A dead car battery will essentially disable all headlights and emergency flashers on your car. Therefore, you should have some flares to generate temporary signals on the side of a road. The flares are typically designed to operate between 10 to 30 minutes. These items should be carefully installed around the perimeter of a car that's stuck on the highway.

According to Honda Oakland, you may also use portable lights with a rotary design for 360-degree illumination. LED bulbs are usually integrated into such emergency lighting units that are designed for distressed motorists. Reflecting triangles should also be used to grab the attention of other passing vehicles. These special installations reflect high and low beams from other sources. A heavy base keeps the triangles in upright positions on the ground.

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