2023 Honda HR-V Specs: What You Need to Know

Power, comfort, and luxury-that's what you expect from your next SUV in Oakland, California. A new Honda HR-V may tick all your boxes and more.

Research shows that over 74,000 2023 Honda HR-V units were sold from January to August 2023. This subcompact, five-seat SUV is popular due to its reliability and practicality. Customers also love the vehicle's modern, clean design and padded interior surfaces, which provide an upscale appearance.

Are you thinking about choosing an HR-V? Let's explore the 2023 Honda HR-V specs you need to know before you buy a Honda.

Why Buy a Honda HR-V (2023)?

The 2023 Honda HR-V is longer and wider than its predecessor, offering more interior space. You can also expect improved handling and a smoother ride. This is due to the new SUV's independent rear suspension (IRS) system, which replaces the older version's torsion beam system.

A torsion beam system features a twisting beam that connects the back wheels and absorbs bumps. An IRS system is where both back wheels move independently, leading to better ride quality.

Another reason to invest in the new Honda HR-V is its updated infotainment features. More driver-assistance features are available in the 2023 HR-V, too (more on these later).

2023 Honda HR-V Specs

Honda's 2023 HR-V has a single engine: a four-cylinder, two-liter engine. The engine generates 158 horsepower and comes with front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

All-wheel drive, or AWD, is beneficial since the SUV sends power to every wheel, not just the rear or front ones. This provides better traction on uneven or slippery surfaces. It's ideal when you're driving through the following:

  • Mud
  • Gravel
  • Ice
  • Snow

Front-wheel drive, or FWD, is a good choice if you want your car to have better fuel economy. An FWD HR-V has a fuel economy of 26 out of 32 miles per gallon, compared with the all-wheel-drive HR-V's fuel economy of 25 out of 30 miles per gallon.

Honda HR-V Trim Levels

Three trim-level options are available for anyone wanting a 2023 HR-V. These include EX-L, Sport, and LX.

The LX is the base trim level, costing more than $26,000. Sport is the mid-level trim level, costing more than $28,000. EX-L is the most expensive trim option, costing more than $30,000.

Honda HR-V Safety Features

The new Honda HR-V offers several safety features, including its advanced engineering architecture. This makes the SUV more likely to hold up in a crash.

Take advantage of the vehicle's sensor-driven driver assistance features. They use radar and a camera to improve the driver's visibility. These features include:

  • Traffic jam help
  • Cruise control
  • Lane-keeping help

Safety-conscious customers can also benefit from the vehicle's back-seat reminder system if they have young children. It'll remind you to check your rear seat after turning off your SUV so you don't accidentally leave your child in the vehicle. This can save their life when it's hot or cold outside.

Another notable feature is the HR-V's motorist-attention monitor. This safety system assesses your alertness by monitoring your head movements and eye position for signs of inattentiveness or fatigue while you're driving. It may warn you if it senses you're distracted or falling asleep.

Honda HR-V Driver-Assistance Features

The EX-L and Sport trim levels come with blind-spot assistance. This advanced monitoring system detects nearby cars that you might not easily see.

Your blind-spot system will warn you when a car approaches or remains in your blind spots, particularly if you're merging or changing lanes. It's an excellent feature for reducing crashes.

Honda's EX-L model also comes with extra sonar sensors. These sensors help you avoid a low-speed collision by telling you if you're about to crash into a nearby obstacle (e.g., a wall) when driving a few miles per hour. It offers immediate emergency braking to prevent a wreck.

Another driver-assistance technology available with the 2023 HR-V is cruise control and lane-keeping. Cruise control can help you avoid speeding and make driving long distances less tiring by automatically controlling your SUV's speed. Lane-keeping prevents drivers from accidentally drifting out of their lanes and getting into crashes.

Honda HR-V Interior Features

A top reason to purchase a Honda HR-V is its attractive and classic interior design. The 2023 SUV's front seating is supportive and comfortable, offering various adjustments for your convenience.

Honda's 2023 HR-V doesn't have a Magic Seat, the fold-down second-row seat in the 2022 SUV. This means you can't create extra cargo space inside the cabin by folding the seat to create a flat, flow floor.

This vehicle still offers excellent cargo capacity, though (more than 55 cubic feet). That's because the 2023 HR-V's cargo bay is larger than that in the 2022 model.

Honda HR-V Warranty Coverage

Your Honda HR-V has a limited warranty covering 36,000 miles or three years. This warranty covers replacement parts required due to manufacturing defects.

The HR-V also has a powertrain warranty covering 60,000 miles or five years. Your powertrain warranty covers your engine and transmission, which transfers power to your wheels from your engine.

Honda offers free scheduled maintenance for 24,000 miles or two years. You'll enjoy complimentary oil changes, comprehensive inspections, and tire rotations.

Honda HR-V Entertainment Features

Each new Honda HR-V trim level features a nine- or seven-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The larger touchscreen is available with the EX-L trim level. This model also has a wireless phone charging pad and a premium eight-speaker system, perfect for music lovers.

The Best 2023 Honda HR-V Trim Level

Honda's EX-L trim level with FWD is an especially popular trim choice. That's because its fuel economy is better than AWD, and the trim level comes with wireless charging, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.

This model also comes with the most tech offerings. These include more safety features, a bigger touchscreen, and a superior sound system.

How We Can Help You Purchase a Honda

The 2023 Honda HR-V specs include more than 55 cubic feet of cargo space and five seats. This vehicle also comes with driver-assistance features and a high-quality infotainment system.

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