Our 150 Point Inspection

The purpose of Honda of Oakland's 150-Point Inspection process is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the condition of all Pre-Owned vehicles, to assure client satisfaction and safety.

We conduct the inspection as if a good friend of ours wanted to buy this car. We ask ourselves, "What needs to be done in order for this vehicle to provide an outstanding ownership experience?"

Each of our Pre-Owned vehicles must pass the following test:


1.   We perform a (VIN) Inquiry, confirm it's validity and assure that applicable manufacturer recall or campaign operations are             completed.
2.   We inspect to assure that the vehicle VIN plates match, engine compartment, door jambs and dash.
3.   Assure VIN label is on door.

                            Unibody Inspection

4.   Carefully inspect unibody for signs of damage or prior repairs

                            Mechanical Inspection

5.   Engine oil and filter are replaced.
6.   Air Filter, if dirty is replaced.
7.   Brake Fluid, if dirty/discolored or at service interval, is replaced.
8.   Assure that floor mats are installed
9.   Assure that wiper blades are in proper working order, if not, they are replaced.
10. Engine Coolant is inspected and if dirty or at service interval, it is replaced.
11. Tires are inspected and if less then 5/32 across tread width they are replaced.
12. Disc Brake Pads are inspected and if wear is less than 50%, they are replaced.
13. Brakes shoes are inspected and if less than 50%, they are replaced.
14  Antenna mast is inspected - if bent or missing, it is replaced.
15. Automatic Transmission Fluid is inspected and if discolored or at service interval, it is replaced.
16. Differential Fluid is inspected and if discolored or at service interval, it is replaced.
17. Rear differential fluid is inspected and if discolored or at service interval, it is replaced.
18. Minimum two master keys and two remotes if equipped with OEM remotes.

                            Scheduled Maintenance

19. Nearest scheduled maintenance is performed if within 3 months or 2500 miles of service interval.

                            Road Test

20. Starting/Starter operation is inspected to assure that it is properly operational.
21. Engine Idle is observed for abnormal vibration when hot or cold
22. Engine noise is observed for normalcy when hot and cold.
23. Acceleration is observed when being driven to assure proper operation.
24. Engine Operating Temperature is checked to assure that it is correct and not overheating.
25. Driveability (smoothness) is observed/checked and if abnormalities are discovered they are repaired.
26. Automatic Transmission shift quality is observed to assure that they are correct and smooth.
27. Manual Transmission shifter operation is inspected to assure smooth operation.
28. Manual Transmission clutch operation is inspected for smoothness, effort and slippage.
29. Transmission/Trans axle noise is observed when hot and cold.
30. CV Joint/Drive axle noise is observed (full lock turn R|L
31. Braking (Noise, vibration, effort)
32. Parking brake operation is inspected to assure proper operation.
33. Steering effort is observed for proper operation.
34. Steering wheel free play is checked and steering wheel is checked for proper centering.
35. Cruise control operation is observed and inspected for proper operation.
36. Horn is inspected for proper operation.
37. Vehicle is checked for abnormal squeaks/rattles.
38. Speedometer/odometer operation is observed and inspected to assure proper operation.
39. Heater/defroster operation is inspected for proper operation.
40. Air Conditioner cooling performance/vent outlet temperature is inspected for proper operation.
41. Vehicle is checked for tire or steering wheel vibration

                            Under hood - check for unacceptable aftermarket modifications

42. Body/Suspension is inspected for proper operation.
43. Battery is load tested to assure it is in good condition, fluid level is correct.
44. Alternator is inspected to assure proper charging and alternator belt is checked for proper condition/tension.
45. Water pump is inspected to assure it is operating properly and to assure no leaks are present.
46. Distributor Cap, rotor and shaft are checked to assure proper operation (where applicable)
47. Ignition system is inspected for proper operation.
48. Fuel System operation and fuel tank cap are inspected for connections/leakage.
49. Fuel filter is replaced per maintenance schedule.
50. Radiator is checked for leaks and/or road hazard damage.
51. Coolant recover tank is inspected to assure there are no leaks and that proper
52. Cooling fan operation is inspected for proper operation
53. Coolant is checked for discoloration and insufficient protection
54. Coolant hoses are checked to assure proper operation.
55. Air Conditioner condenser is inspected for corrosion and road hazard damage.
56. Power steering fluid level, belt condition and tension are inspected to assure proper operation.
57. Air Conditioner compressor is inspected for proper cycling, belt condition and tension are also checked.
58. Heater valve adjustment is checked for proper operation.
59. Engine is checked for possible valve noise.
60. Engine/Transmission mounts are checked for integrity.
61. Engine Condition is checked, a visual verification of oil change maintenance is performed.
62. Timing belt condition is checked.
63. Brake master cylinder and booster is checked for operation and leaks.

                            Under Vehicle - check for unacceptable aftermarket modifications

64. Tires are checked to assure they are the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers, size, speed and load rating.
65. Tires are checked to assure there is no road hazard damage and for proper tire pressure, also checked for uneven wear or sidewall cracking.
66. Wheels/rims are checked for damage.
67. Valve Stem Condition is inspected.
68. Wheel lug nuts are inspected to assure all are present
69. Spare tire condition is inspected
70. Engine oil drain plug is inspected for leaks
71. Transmission is inspected for leaks
72. engine compartment is inspected for coolant leaks
73. CV Joints/Boots/Drive Shaft/Universal joint are checked for cracks and leakage.
74. Brake Pad thickness is checked
75. Rotor Thickness is checked.
76. Brake calipers are checked for leakage and free movement
77. Rear lining thickness is checked if applicable
78. Rear wheel cylinders are checked for leakage.
79. Rear Drums are checked for thickness ( where applicable)
80. Hydraulic hoses/line are checked for leakage.
81. Suspension is checked for ride height
82. Check Struts/Shock Absorber to assure they are in good order and not leaking
83. Check Bushing Condition
84. Check ball joint tightness and tie rod end tightness
85, Check power steering rack linkage for proper operation
86. Check entire exhaust system for proper operation, to include: condition, , leaks, damage, noise, catalytic converter and converter shield.

                        Exterior - check for unacceptable aftermarket modifications.

87. Check headlights for proper Aim, High Low operation, cracks, chips scratches pitting and moisture.
88. Inspect brake lights for proper operation.
89. Inspect turn signals for proper operation, cracks and chips
90. Inspect parking lamps for proper operation
91. Inspect Fog Lamps for proper operation, if applicable.
92. Inspect running lights for proper operation if applicable.
93. Inspect license plate light to assure proper operation.
94. Inspect tail lights for proper operation, cracks and chips.
95. Check back-up lights for proper operation, cracks and chips.
96. Inspect Emergency Flashers

                            Interior- check for unacceptable aftermarket modifications

97.  Check for water leaks and evidence of water intrusion.
98.  Check Fuel gauge operation.
99.  Check Temperature gauge operation.
100. Check all warning lights illuminated with ignition on.
101. Check dash illumination lighting for proper operation.
102. Check windshield washers/wipers for proper operation.
103. Check Audio System including speakers and rear entertainment system (if applicable) for proper operation and Steering Wheel mounted Audio Controls (if applicable)
104. Check Navigation system for proper operation.
105. Check clock functions.
106. Check steering wheel tilt.lock.
107. Check sunroof operation, if equipped.
108. Check headliner condition.
109. Check cigarette lighter/power outlets ( if equipped )
110. Check alarm/theft system and remotes (if equipped)
111. Check SRS airbags, exterior condition and warning lamps self check.
112. Check outside mirror operation, left and right.
113. Check rear-view mirror operation day and night.
114. Check Window operation - noise, speed and full travel
115. Door locks (check manual and or power operation and child safety functions.
116. Check seat belts - condition, proper latching and retraction operation.
117. Check seat upholstery/leather condition, front and rear.
118. Check power seat operation - if equipped
119. Check seat heaters - if equipped
120. Check Headrest movement
121. Check rear defrost operation
122. Check inside mirror/vanity light operation
123. Check interior lights (switch/door operation, warning chimes)
124. Check Glove box/glove box light operation.
125. Check luggage compartment/ Jack and tools present.
126. Check trunk lid release/ trunk lid light operation.
127. Check fuel door release - if equipped
128. Check hood release operation.

                        Appearance Inspection

129. Check under hood (clean engine compartment)
130. Check front bumper  (fascia, guards, trim, paint quality)
131. Check grille (Headlights, other lights, trim, emblems)
132. Check hood (emblems and finish)
133. Check LF fender (finish and trim)
134. Check LF door (finish and trim)
135. Check LR door (finish and trim)
136. Check LR fender (finish and trim)
137. Check trunk lid (finish and trim)
138. Check rear bumper ( fascia, guards, trim, paint quality)
139. Check RR fender (finish and trim)
140. Check RR door (finish and trim)
141. Check RF door (finish and trim)
142. Check RF fender (finish and trim)
143. Check roof (finish and trim)
144. Check windshield/glass (cracks, chips, scratches, pitting)


145. Check for dent, dings and scratches on all body panels and bumpers
146. Dash and Instrument panels, carpet and mats (check for stains or damage)
147. Console/Center arm rest/cup holders.
148. Front Doors (Controls, trim condition)
149. Rear Doors/Quarter Trim (controls, trim condition)
150. Luggage compartment (Mat/Trim/Carpet condition

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